Experienced full-stack web developer

Experienced full-stack

web developer

Hi! I'm Tomasz. Currently I'm not looking for work. If you wish to contact me anyway, click here.


I’ve been delivering web solutions for over 10 years, ranging from simple modules to complex insurance or ed-tech web platforms. I’m able to work on relatively small freelancing projects, as well as on big ongoing ones, as part of your team.

So whenever you need a one-time help or you’re looking for someone to help you with (or even lead) a multi-month project, I’m able to help you (if only it’s within my area of expertise!).

MY TOOLBOX major tech/software

LanguagesPython 2/3, JavaScript/ES5/ES2015+
Back endDjango, Django REST Framework, Celery, nginx
Front endReact
DatabasesPostgreSQL, Consul (KV Store)
Deployment, automation & orchestrationAnsible, Docker, Docker Swarm, Swarm Classic, Consul, Kubernetes basics
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SECURITY a process, not a state

An often undervalued aspect of web development is product security.

I always strive to provide the best security possible under given circumstances and to be transparent about any (potential) pitfalls I’m aware of –whether this means applying best practices for a web framework or making sure processes inside your containers cannot easily escalate their privileges.

PROJECTS collaboration in key engagements

Virtual Labs platform (@ EdTech company)

I was an important member of a team working on a Virtual Labs platform which allowed online course creators to prepare and provide online training environments for their learners.

Technologies used on the backend side included: Docker, Swarm, Consul, Ansible, misc. features of the Google Cloud Platform (Compute Engine, private Docker Registry, advanced networking, etc.) managed either through Terraform (during the provisioning of clusters or individual VMs) or directly, using GCP APIs (from within the Python/Django app).

The front end, which I also worked on, relied on React. The “glue” between React and the back end was implemented using Django REST Framework, an excellent flexible and well-designed library.

An important part of my role was working directly with some of the key customers (universities and corporations) and providing them with support and consulting services (including product planning, gathering feedback or training).

Insurance platform

I joined the project (a web platform for issuing and administering the policies of a large US insurance company) in its early stages of development to speed up the whole process. After some months of translating the business rules and requirements into the code, the platform was ready for launching. After that I and the rest of the team provided ongoing maintenance and further development of new features.

I worked as a development team member, and gradually became responsible for many areas of the software (rates, endorsements, document management, complex web forms); additionally I undertook non-programming tasks such as infrastructure management and tech interviews with developer candidates.

During the two years I worked on the project, I became the top committer, with respect to both the number of commits and the number of lines of code.

Social sport network for youth players

As the lead developer I was mostly focused on the back end, though I was involved in much of the front-end scripting as well. The front-end scripts heavily relied on the Knockout library. The site was fully integrated with Facebook.

A significant part of the challenge was to implement the code for importing data from an external provider (that included team data, league/division data, fixtures, match results, schedule changes, etc.).

The imported data was a basis for social interactions, e.g. the imported match results were automatically posted as comments to the activity streams of the relevant leagues, teams and players, where they could be discussed (similarly to how it happens on Facebook).

In-house CRM replacement

Together with one other developer we built a replacement for a well-known CRM product from scratch, by providing a sub-set of its features while tightly integrating it with other software used by the company. The integration allowed presentation of important data & statistics in a single place, thus saving employees a lot of time and effort.

Askbot (open source)

Askbot is an open source project that allows quick creation of Q&A sites. It’s inspired by Stack Overflow and other sites in the Stack Exchange Network.

A list of sites using the AskBot forum can be found here.

I worked closely with Evgeny Fadeev (project owner/lead developer) on the major refactoring of data models to remove duplication and simplify their structures.

I also spent a good deal of time reworking the database migration scripts to make them work flawlessly on all three supported databases (MySQL, PostgresSQL, SQLite).

My contributions to AskBot are publicly available on GitHub. I’m also listed as a contributor, and my work is listed in the changelog (1, 2).

Employee communication system

The goal of the project was to allow automatic two-way communication with employees using text messages (SMS) and voice calls. The system would send messages and make calls to selected employees to collect their responses.

The major challenge on this project was the integration of the Tropo API, and its speech recognition feature.

Google App Engine-based data collection module

The module was meant to collect incoming data originating from remote sensors and relied on the scalability of GAE to process the volume of incoming data.

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Wrocław, POLAND
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