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Tomasz Zieliński
Location: Wrocław, POLAND, European Union
Phone (+48) 792 245 667
Email: tomasz.zielinski@pyconsultant.eu
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My name is Tomasz Zieliński, I am 28 years old and programming is one of my passions.

The passion, which I have been pursuing for more than 10 years. During that time I have got to know many programming languages, but I have concentrated on C++ for some time. C++ is a language, in which my biggest projects were created.

However, C++ is not the only programming language in the world. In the meantime I got to know Perl, PHP, Java, C# and Python, with which I made friends for good.

It was a good choice. For almost two years Python has been my main programming language, allowing me to quickly translate ideas into tangible solutions therefore significantly speeding up a process of software creation and in the same time making it possible to maintain high quality.